Degading disc quality

Hi people,

About a year ago i burned a batch of ritek DVD-R discs.
after the burn they gave nice scans.
now, a year or so later, the errors are really sky high.
(ok, there were a lot of firmware updates in the meantime bur still…)
the differece is really unbelievable.

(i can’t post scan-results now, but can later if you want).

I also re-scanned some other media :

Ricoh +R : almost no degration after 1 year
MCC (verbatim): maybe 10% degration after about a year, acceptable i suppose.
Prodisc +R : also ok

Do other people have this experience with ritek -R media?

Any know how the degration of TY media is?

So i’m thinking about re-burning these discs on more reliable media before it’s too late.

Can this effect (scans initially good but degrade later) be a result of bad writing or is it mainly a result of bad quality media?


This is, unfortunately, not uncommon with Ritek. Suggest you re-burn all of them ASAP. There were batches that do not degrade, however, I have some here that are fine.