Defragmenting hard drive leads to much better quality DVD burns

Sometimes, we see the buffer go down to zero or disc burning take much longer than it should, or even see Nero just hang for no reason.

My computer always does this trick when the hard drive needs to be defragmented. For some reason, piecing fragmented .iso files together during DVD writing will run the system low on memory. The next event is the really stupid trick of paging to the already-fragmented hard drive (memory swap file of windows in heavy use). It will even page the DVD writing software’s large buffer to the hard drive. Not only does it slow down the writing process (incredibly slow), but this seems to increase the amount of PIFs.

Anyway, I was really puzzled about my computer’s really dumb activities. I thought I had a virus, bad media, writer went bad. . . No.
The problem was so simple that I had overlooked it!
Defragmenting was all that was necessary to fix the problem so that the BenQ could return to doing an excellent job.

Defragmenting your drive can only lead to better performance on anything. I mean theres no reason NOT to defrag your HD at all, so naturally it would help.

I’m glad to see that someone else believes this is so. Even with a decent spec machine I also think it makes sense to have as little else as possible running and to reboot before burning and or scanning.

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Defragging a hard drive has many times solved issues for DVD Writer users.