Defragmenters O&O or Diskeeper 10

I would like to purchase a good defrag program, I have been told about O&O, and Diskeeper 10 and PerfectDisc, anybody have any experience with these programs that can offer some advice?

I use Diskeeper 10 - can’t say if it’s any better than the others though, as I don’t use them.

Works well for me. :slight_smile:

Is it 40.00USD better than the defrag in XP Pro?

I’d say it’s better than the XP Pro defrag. :iagree: - my system is noticeably faster after a session.

Well I have to say that is encouraging. Now if I could get some feedback on the others I could make an informed choice. Some even defrag your system memory. I tryed a free version of O&O but does not have full fuctionality so I can’t get a good idea of it.

I use O&O Defrag Ver 8 Professional and find that it works well for me. Defrags way faster then Windows defrag system.

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Thankyou platinumsword, I am going to buy one of these programs, I am running XP Pro SP2 and find that a better defrag process is needed than the one integrated into XP Pro.

Yo alan-

I used Diskeeper 9 for about 2 years - and it was ok-

I changed to PerfectDisk 7 about 6 months ago - and am very satisfied with it - reasonably fast and certainly not a system resource hog-

O & O is $45 and I found PerfectDisk here for $32 shipped:

The advantage of PerfectDisk over Diskeeper is that PerfectDisk consolidates the files on your hard drive whereas Diskeeper does not - and some users of Diskeeper report some hard drive problems when they used the program-eh!

Look at the responces to my thread here:


Yo Mike:
I am doing the trial version of Diskeeper 10 now, I will try the trial of O&O after this trial is done, I have it set to drfrag every 8hrs or when the Screensaver is activated. I’ll let you know. The 15 bucks more for O&O isn’t going to kill me if it is really that much better ( I got that from your thread)

Yo alan-

The only drawback was this article:

Where the reviewer complains about the ‘system hogging’ of the software-

I was so tired of the Norton ‘Bloatware’ that I didn’t bother with the o & o-eh!


Your review article on O & O is three years old, and is about Ver 6. Here is a updated review

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I use PerfectDisk v7.0 it’s way better then Diskeeper v10

I also use Perfect Disk 7.0.

There was a thread here a little while back discussing Perfect Disc v Diskeeper. Consensus , depending how you read it , was that Perfect Disk did a better job from what I remember.

I prefer O&O over Diskeeper, but that’s a personal preference.
(Did you know that Windows 2000’s German release was almost delayed because Diskeeper’s former management had connections to Scientology?)

One more recomendation for PerfectDisk! :bow:
Great defragmenter. I’m using it for almost 3 years. :iagree:

hey listen up,
0&0 is the very best of all. Diskeeper is big ******** especially this company has coded the Windows Defrag. ==> laughable
(Diskeeper seems good(schedule, grafik, speed) but it’s not)

About PerfectDisc, I don’t know much but seems not so good.
Noone has so much knowledge and experience like 0&0.
Also many Computer magazines tell that 0&0 is the best.

When using 0&0 Defrag 8.5 Prof, I always take the “Complete/Name” Method.
Enjoy the speed.


It seems as if O&O has an edge here. Its a little more expensive but I think its worth it, I have read about Diskeeper 10 and many have said its just a glorified Windows defrag with a different GUI.

Might have to give O&O or PerfectDisk a go myself :wink:

I just bought O&O Professional, now to choose a defrag method, there are so many. I think Complete/Name in the Toolbar named “Defragmentation” will be my first try.

Let us know what you think :)…might help those of us with the same dilemma :slight_smile: