how often should you use the defrag on the LiteOn LVW-5025GHC+

Hi, you’re in the wrong forum section. This section is for LG DVD writers only. Moved your post to the Lite-On DVD Recorder and Player Forum where you should be able to get a better response to your post.

With various reports of issues defragging the Lite-On LVW-5045, such as recordings going corrupt after defragging, I would not recommend defragging the hard drive unless you find the recorder rather sluggish when doing transfers or editing content.

Generally as long as you only store recordings on the hard drive and don’t do much splitting, merging, etc. the fragmentation caused will be very small and unnoticeable. However, if you regularly transfer MP3s, photos, short video clips, etc. to your Lite-On, this can cause much greater fragmentation. Generally, you should never see fragmentation come to a point where it affects playback, however the most likely time you’ll notice it in a severe case is during navigation and while transferring content to and from your Lite-On.

Might be an idea to remove as much as you can … then defrag :wink:

I have no problem defraging the drive. Make sure all files have a physical name that is different for each file before you do it though. then the drive shouldn’t freeze up so you shouldn’t have to pull the plug out.