Defragging makes HD slower?



I’ve got a P1.8, 512MB, 2 WD 80gig drives (BB). In my quest to improve my DVD burns, I decided to defrag my D drive based on all the suggestions I got. I bought a copy of Perfect Disk and ran it using the Smart option and now the drive has slowed down tremendously. All files are defragged and I have an 8gig contiguous free space, but now I have massive buffer underruns when burning and avg maybe 1.5-2x speeds for a DVD, taking about 35 min per burn.

I ran Norton Disk Doctor and Scandisc and found no errors on the drive. Also did a virus/spyware check and have none. One night I let the defrag run, the next morning I wake up and the performance is terrible. I mean, extracting a 700MB RAR file that used to take maybe 2 min, now takes 8-9.

Anyone have any idea what could be the problem?


Sounds like something may have been switched back to PIO mode, check all drives. 10% free space is not adequate for most situations, and can cause a variety of issues.


Does the defragmenting program run in the background? If so then it could be doing some defragmenting in the background while you are doing other work so could be contributing towards slower speeds


There’s nothing going in the background. And I’ve always been in the 10% range of free space. Just checked and the drive is currently set to PIO, even though I select it to use DMA. How do I fix that?


Assuming WindowsXP, uninstall the IDE controller and reboot.