When is it time to defrag?

Sometime like below?

Post your fragmentation nightmares here …

Is that your computer deborah?

Aye, one of them.

Poor DS is the victim of multiple (3x) simultaneous dvd-rips + Divx Encoding & Video Stream+Audio muxing.

Sigh I need an X2 … /end Sigh

I’ve let this puppy go way to long:) (62 min)

I wish i could defrag my system at work, but i can’t :frowning:

Just a tad too big is it?

in general, once a week in “complete / name” mode, also after installation of (big) programs / games. but only, if i don’t have anything important to do, the defragmentation shall not take away my time, so, i always do this before i go to bed with “shutdown after defrag” enabled…

I defrag before burning anything. :wink: :wink: :wink:

If you use Nero, then that’s probably necessary.

I keep all AV files (plus AV app workspace) on a separate 100 GB partition. That gets defragmented once a week, whatever its state.

I leave C: alone, maybe defragmenting every couple of months or when have an application clearout.

You have way to many hard drives.

I tend to defragment my main drive every week or so, as otherwise Windows slows down, as for the other 2 hard drives which contain only files, I don’t think I have ever defragmented them as files are moved around in them so much it would not be worth it. My laptop I have to defragment all the time as it is slow anyway and only has a 40GB hard drive (1.4Ghz, 40GB Hard drive).

this is how I defraggle :wink:

once a week…


Every night before going to bed - or immediately after a ss spill-eh!


so what are ya saying big guy i make ya bits …fragment?

:stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Having separate physical HDDs for different categories of files (like music, animation, movie, reference, program, etc.) has always been the best way to reduce the likelihood of fragmentation. :iagree:

Time to defrag again! :iagree:

Wow why are everyone using diskkeeper? And why is it called diskeeper? Dont dis da keeper mon? What am I saying? Hello?

G’day :slight_smile:

I use DIRMS + DIRMSGUI, since it’s very quick, and very free :wink:
I just use windows defrag to check the fragmentation, usually, unless it runs overnight & I couldn’t be bothered finding DIRMS.