Definitive Proof NEC 2100 = 2500 = 2510

I’m not so sure it was so “successful”. I haven’t tried it myself but according to many reports DVD-R burning on the ND-1100A especially at 4x give bad burning results even with quality media. According to Etna who made the patch the reason is that the ND-1100A misses some calibration data for DVD-R/RW and the same might be true for the ND-2500A with DVD+R DL but I guess time will tell when more people try burning them.


I too was surprised by the wording of DVD_Boost’s statement but I thing he only referred to the fact that Nec introduced the 2510 with the same mechanics as the 2500.

DVD-BOOST, would you bring a clarification ?

Yes, If I am in this forum, it’s because I would like to try any possibilities with different models. I referred to this fact, because I know, they are the same. I do not beleave, NEC will upgrade (not yet - 2510 is more expensive).
Philips claims, for their models, they will do it for some ammount of money.

But for the record, Wesociety, my ND-1100A@1300A did not sicceed (I used Verbatim), It vas almost 50% coasters.

My impression was that the calibration data for DL media were not stored in the fw.

Is there a difference between calibration and write strategy?

Interesting enough !

How did you come to this impression ?
Where do you think it is stored if at all ?

It looks like people are having better luck with 1100@1300 nowadays.

By then, ND-2510A will become cheaper than ND-2500A. :bigsmile:

What I mean is, unless you are willing to accept the risks, just buy the newer models. ND-2510A at OEM must be around US$50 by now. It takes about the same to send a used ND-1100A from Los Angeles to Seoul, not the drive’s cost but just the shipping cost.