Definitive Proof NEC 2100 = 2500 = 2510

Now, I know we all already know this… but here is the definitive proof.

From the FCC website. (Thanks to Zebra for bringing this to my attention)

Take a look at Page 6.
Drive sticker = NEC 2100
Drive name on the FCC document = 2510

Soooo…they are selling those PC’s with 2500A’s as 2510’s eh? Funny.

It’s even 2100@2510.
I’m wondering what the SW says. Are they using original FW 2100@2510 or Herries?

You may be missing the point.
The drive in the photos was provided by NEC as a 2510.

Yes - it’s main point here. THIS IS FROM FC WEBSITE AND SHOWS WHAT NEC HAS PROVIDED AS A 2510A DRIVE!!! :slight_smile:

Yes but they ‘MAY’ have provided it as a test sample and ‘MAY’ have adjusted the drive to meet certain DL tolerances that a genuine 2510 has to meet :wink:

But then it wouldnt have been a 2510a would it, it would be a messed with 2100a

I thought I’d read that NEC stated that the 2510 had some changes to the laser calibration so there could be no assurance that a 2500 could burn DL successfully.

I don’t see how this info conflicts with NEC’s claims.

Fingers crossed that my 2500 will burn DL ok…

NEC was not being truthful.
Any DL “calibration” data is stored in the firmware.
Flash the 2510A firmware and you have it.

That is not true, my fried tried to flash his 2500 to a 2510. that did not work.

It wotks under DOS

You’re telling us it’s not true just because your one friend (that probably doesn’t know how to flash correctly) was unable to do it??
Meanwhile back in the real-world (here) many users have successfully flashed their 2500 with 2510 firmware and burned DVD+R DL discs.
Thanks for the laugh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember NEC ND-1100A? It was the first DVD writer to write to both DVD+R and DVD-R, and at up to 4x speed. ND-1100A on the FCC webpage was surely a “dual” format recorder, but later NEC changed the model name to ND-1300A and advertised ND-1100A as a Plus-only drive. They were physically same. At that time, I could have some internal information from NEC, Tokyo.

I remember that noone made a ND-1100A@ND-1300A. The HW was very close, but not exact similar. Thet’s why I doubt also 2500@2510. The results are very good until now and averyone get it to work with DL, but I still think it’s different or optimized laser optic. I’ll beleave it totally when I see NEC introducing an update for 2500 as DL.

Did not, tried both DOS and WINDOWS

I thing, your nabor have to read more just from the beginning (first 3 threads in the forum).
Check what Wesociety wrote in the same thread. It’s realy many people, who made it. I did it my self with 3 2500 drives and my own 2510, flashed to 2500 and back. I can help - semd me privat what you did exactly and I’ll give a try.

My 2500 was made in December 2003 so its pretty old and it worked ok. Well the flash did, DL discs are like rocking horse shit, i aint even seen one LOL

I can remember Liteon bringing out a 32X CD burner and selling it for a while then a 40x burner and selling it for a while and then a 48x burner and top it all off it was all the same drive all along. 3 drives for the price of one with that instance, think of the development costs that were saved by starting out with a “better” drive then releasing its updated version as the market dictated it.

1100@1300 was accomplished successfully.
Look here:

To me, that sounds implausible. Why should NEC want to turn your 2500 into a 2510? - if possible, they would like you to buy a 2510 as that would mean an extra unit sold for them.

It might be that they made their production/test tolerances thighter on the 2510, but I feel confident that the unit is the same.