Definitive method for determining Sony 810A

I just ordered it from Newegg last week, and I am pretty sure that it is not a A-R, I dont see it written anywhere.

I must admit though I did not get to view it in person. I got it for my work computer (a dell precision 390) and my coworker installed it for me, I could pull it if i had to, but id rather avoid pulling the drive, the computer is a major pain to mess with.
Cant i get my answer from writing be on the box, or the device name. Is there any spec difference between the 1640 and 1650?

One thing I can say though is that in Nero CD-DVD speed, it is reading really slow in all the tests, like 1.5x

I really want to flash this sucker!

if this a 1640 than i suggest the 1640 fanboys pick this up.
I will stop at my compusa to check for 1655 generics.

Post the result of the Nero CD-DVD Speed burst transfer test, you need a disk with some data in the drive to run the test. It should display about 23 MB/sec. If it is less check the DMA settings.

IT is set to DMA if available BUT
"current transfer mode" reads “PIO MODE”

This is opposite for the oem dvdrom that came with the computer. This computer is the latest and greatest from Intel and Dell. Brand new Dell precision 390.

Remove the IDE channel the burner is connected to in the windows device manager and let windows redetect it on the next boot. If that does not help, disconnect the second drive from the cable or use a 80 wire cable.

The writing/reading specs are the same but the drive dimension should be a little different. Anyway, to determine if your drive is 810A or 810A-R, I would only trust if I look at the label/sticker on the drive. Especially when you said that you ‘just’ ordered the drive it might be the new 810A-revision.


Turns out that the Windows was set to PIO only for the slave IDE controller.
I did a little google research and it turns out that Dell Bios has the slave turned “OFF” in the BIOS. Somehow the drive still works, but only in PIO mode.
I went into the bios and turned the drive on and now it works great.

I still need to figure out if it is a -R or not. I guess I will have to pull it out of the computer and check. I love the dell precision 380/390 machines, but it is a 4-step proccess to beable to remove a drive.

Elwood posted this a couple weeks ago.
In my experience, he is right but I don’t know if that labeling practice applies to ALL Sony 810 drives in ALL the countries.

thanks, now looking at the box, and the manufacture date, I definatly have a 1640.

I am going to order another one of these from Amazon/tigerdirrect. They are the cheapest for what seams to be disapearing 1640/50/55’s. 18X and DVDram everywhere i look!