Definitive 109 Xbox burning?




I’ve recently got a 109 and flashed to the latest firmware.

I’ve tried writing xbox backups using :

  • record now max 4.5 (with the patched dlls linked to elsewhere in this forum)

  • nero

With a couple of media types (datasafe titanium -r, apple -r) at speeds from 8x down to 2x.

Nothing has produced one that is readable in my xbox.

I know there are problems with xbox writing I was wondering if the wealth of knowledge in this forum has managed to find a solution or a work around currently?

Anybody whose had success writing xbox backups with this drive, please let me know how!

Thanks for any help.


you installed the “px engine 507” for recordnow max, somewhere in the forum,
or through google ?
(i did it, it gave me

this worked for me with dvd-r x4 ritek, and for some other, strange that it did not work for u. (do u have only nero & recordnow 4.5 installed without anything else that may cause problem (ie a more recent version of record now max or another burn software?)

this is not a speed problem…
what amazes me is that something that looks to be a firmware problem, can be solved with pc software. i’d like to know what’s going on.


Thomson drive XBOX:

1- RNM 4.5 on DVD-R
2- Prassi ONES on DVD+R


Thanks guys…I hadn’t applied the px engine update…

Works great now!

Thanks for the tip about ONES…looks like a nice program!

Thanks again!