Definition of Emulation vs Copy of a CD

In a different thread I was seeking info on how to copy a cd and was running into all kinds of problems. The advice I was given basically said that I should try a few other options and if it didn’t work that I would probably have to “EMULATE THE CD” My question is what’s the difference between a copy of a cd and emulating it.

Thanks in advance


I’m guessing that they mean using something like daemon tools. You have the image file on your hard drive, you mount it in daemon tools, the image apears as though it were a cd in a cd drive. It even shows up in my computer as a cd drive. You can use the image file from your hard drive as if you had actually burned it to a cd and put it in a cd drive.

Definition of the word Emulation is to: ‘imitate the function of’. In the case of a Game it means that an Emulated copy works as an Original but requires Assistance via a third party application.
A Copy means that it is an exact duplicate and functions as a exact duplicate without assistance.
Newer versions of protections coupled with the fact that DVD Writers cant write in RAW mean copys are fast dying out. Technically though an exact copy cant be done - the fact it is on a dye based recordable as opposed a stamped original = Not Exact. I have had many success with Safedisc Copys not requiring an Emulator but still will not work in every drive I try, so its not really a copy.