Definition of DVD Coaster?

This might sound like a stupid question but what is a dvd Coaster???
Everywhere you read I made a coaster well what is a coaster?

An Error, Unfinished dvd, complete dvd with pauses and skips???

Just a question for those who might not be sure.

Unreadable burn, bad burn, whatever you want to call it, but it’s only good enough for sitting a cup of coffee on, ie; coaster

or a very, very cold bottle of beer!!

A DVD that doesn’t get burned properly and the software ends in a error of some sort. Also, a DVD that skips or freeze/stutters on playback.

Most of the time, a coaster is the result of a cheap rubbish DVD being used or using DVD’s that the DVD writer doesn’t like compared to other discs.

The term coaster is derived from drinks coaster as that is all it is good for (apart from perhaps being a shiny frisbee).

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Any DVD that ends up being “not worth keeping” for the data that’s on it.

Yup… any burned disc where the burn isn’t good enough for the disc to be used for whatever reason it was burned