Defining which app plays MP3 within IE?

I thought I knew some things but finding out not! :doh:
I have MP3 associated with WMP in Explorer yet when I point to the MP3 I put on my web site via IE, it plays via QuickTime…so how do I define which player I wish to use? That’s all…simple question, right?

I looked at my QT file type settings but don’t see any obvious option that I’ve set to cause this…is there one I should look at?

QuickTime is an invasive product that installs background tasks, browser plugins, and other unnecessary “stuff” that consumes memory and processing time even if you are not using any of it.

Try uninstalling QuickTime and replacing it with a QuickTime Alternative codec that is a much cleaner implementation allowing playback of QuickTime formats in Windows Media Player. It doesn’t add a browser plugin and is not prone to the kind of problems you are experiencing.