Defining CD Id/Catalog No. for Audio CDs?


I need to make a copy of an Audio CD that is scratched. Initially I used Nero Burning Rom 6.3 for it. However, the copy was not perfect. There is an audible glitch (jitter) in one of the tracks, which is simply unacceptable.

Then, I tried ripping that track with Audiograbber 1.82. It did quite a fine job. The result was nearly perfect.

Now, of course, I can make an Audio CD by ripping tracks off with Auiograbber (or, EAC) and then burning them onto a CD-R. But the problem is, in this way, I won’t have the “Catalog No.” or “CD Id” (whatever it is called) of the original CD. This is the info that is used for querying the FreeDB/CDDB database.

Is there any option of assigning a user-defined CD Id in Nero 6.3? I couldn’t find it. Is there ANY software that offers this option?

Shall be very grateful if someone can help me out!

P.S. I’m posting this both in the “Recording Software” and “Audio” forum, as it seems to fit in both catgories. I hope that’s okay with the forum!

Would it not be easier to go to WinMX or whatever takes ya fancy n redownload the song…delete the original thats upcreek n replace with new un…