Define "Thermal Silver Bulk" for me, please



I’m trying to figure out what TY CDRs to order. Supplies of branded TY CDRs have dried up around me. Worse, it seems to me that the Ritek-made Maxells I’ve bought recently just aren’t as good as they used to be. So, I want to order TY CDRs from Rima or Shop4Tech.

I’ve ordered unbranded TY DVD-R’s from Rima in the past. I know what to expect from those–the top protective layer of the DVD means no worries. For CDRs, however, I’m worried about that top data layer getting damaged–possibly even flaking off from a fingerprint. What terms to I need to look for in order to have some protection–similar to the top of a, say, Fujifilm branded TY CDR?

Shop4Tech has these. Is that top going to just be the silver data layer? Or is it something else?

How about these from Rima?

Or what about getting silver or white inkjet printable? What is the top layer of those like?

I also like to use spindles for storage of some of my CDRs. The discs at Rima say “no stacking ring.” The discs at Shop4Tech don’t specify. Does that matter for this sort of storage method?

I should mention that these discs will be labeled with a Sharpie CD/DVD marker, nothing else.


Yo gilby-

Also check Newegg - last time I checked they had the lowest price and shipping for the Taiyo Yuden silver CD-R’s-

I have been using a sharpie on all my CD-R’s for years without any problems to the data-eh!!


Anything that is thermal printable or “silver” on top are all going to be weak as piss.

You need TY ceramic coat CD-R if you want peace of mind. And I wouldn’t suggest using cd-r with no stacking ring in a spindle, I think those types of discs always come shrink wrapped so there’s zero movement between the discs.