I hit the start button but it says Finished 2 seconds later. When I checked the Video ts file it’s empty.

I had to use Anydvd with it to do it.

no problem here with full disc mode,path player enabled…watching the back up now…GOOD MOVIE :bigsmile:

Worked fine with Ver on Win XP
Watched it and no problems.
Full Disc mode pathplayer enabled

watched it already? how was it?

[QUOTE=stugots2;2285753]watched it already? how was it?[/QUOTE]

well I liked it but what I like you may not lol (I’m no critic)
btw I know where i seen your name before lol (stugots2) The name of “T’s” boat? lol check this out…“YA TALKIN TO ME ALL WRONG” LMAO

LMAO yup im italian so we HAVE to be sopranos fans, or we get deported lol

[QUOTE=stugots2;2285753]watched it already? how was it?[/QUOTE]

I liked it also, though I thought it was a little long.