Defendants in Largest Ever U.S. Disc Piracy Case Sentenced

United States Attorney Scott N. Schools announced that the final two of three defendants engaged in large-scale replication of pirated and counterfeit CDs and DVDs were sentenced today in Operation Remaster. United States District Court Judge Ronald M. Whyte sentenced co-defendants Ye Teng Wen, a.k.a. Michael Wen, 31, and Hao He, a.k.a. Kevin He, 32, both of Union City, California, each to 37 months of prison, a three-year term of supervised release, a $125,000 fine, and a $500 mandatory special assessment.


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I imagine these guys made far more money than what they were fined. This is still a drop in the bucket, however (compared to the billions IFPI/RIAA/MPAA say are lost).

They probably still think it was worth it …

And now, by sentencing them to a detention centre, they can be introduced to the mafia & really enhance their pirate operation, and expand to a world wide operation :iagree: