Defective Verbatim AZO Crystal CD-R?

Hi, I’ve just purchased two cake-boxes of Verbatim AZO Crystal CD-R (25 discs each) and I’ve noticed that they have strange defects:

  • the top layer show some very tiny dents in the same location;
  • when I touch the top layer (with super clean hands) it shows immediately some fingertips as it was “oily”;
  • the lower surface shows a “stain”, a ring of different color.

Are they defective cd’s or is the Verbatim quality that declined so low?

Can you show us some pictures please of the discs and the packaging? I bought some similar to yours (made in china) and I haven’t seen the problems you describe yet. Here’s a link to a quality scan I made. And a picture of my packaging below.

The Crystal surface is not smooth but can be a bit “bubbly”, so no surprise. Do you have access to a drive that can do CD quality scans?