Defective SOHD-16P9S?

Hello there, this is my first time post though i have been reading these forums like a knowledge vampire for the past year or so. I never really had any major problems that I couldn’t figure out until now. Mostly I am just concerned that i have a defective drive, but i figured that i would see if others have had this same problem with their own DVD-ROM. First here is my computer specs that matter for the situation. and some that really dont =P

3.2ghz P4 Northwood
1gig PC3200 Corsair in dual channel mode
865PERL Intel board bleh
2 SATA WD Raptor 36gig
Plextor 716a as burner set as Primary Master
Lite On SOHD-16P9S set as Secondary Master FS09 Firmware and i tried the hacked firmware to fix this problem as well setting the speeds lower to no avail

The problem that I am having happenned all of the sudden after 2 successful backups with DVD Shrink 3.2. All of the sudden all discs that I try analyzing with any software will go to the end of the disc and then I will recieve read errors on no matter what the disc. These discs worked just fine in analyzation on my Plextor. I bought the lite on to cut down the amount of stress and so i can just allow my computer to back up a disc and shut down the computer when done while im away. The drive worked just perfectly and quiet the first two times and i was very pleased with the read speed in comparison to my Plextor. I thought maybe it was Plextools getting in the way or something but i disabled that and still encountered the same errors. I am going to try and get a hold of Lite-On… and i would just return the drive but i had bought it at a place 4 hours away… i really should have just ordered it online. Thanks in advance of any replies. I will try and get the exact error in various programs as soon as i return.

Okay… well it seems as though it isn’t a bad drive just that it is really picky about the DVD-ROM’s i am backing up. This is disappointing… anyone know a more robust dedicated DVD-ROM drive? My 716a does a great job of reading just about anything i throw at it… does anyone else experience this problem with their 16P9S? It really just happens at the end of the analysis as in the example of DVD Shrink 3.2 I get the classic “Incorrect Parameter” problem and in DVD Decrypt i get something simular. Thanks in advance for any replies.


I have both the LiteOn 16P9s and the AOpen 1648/aap Pro - both have been excellent drives and have performed comparably-but if I were to recommend a reader/ripper that will read better than the 16P9s - it would be the LiteOn 1693s that will read/rip almost as fast (after being Omnipatched) and will read discs that the 16P9s seems to stumble on-

Also - the 1693s will give you the added benefit of Quality Scans and Kprobe scans to verify your Plextool scans - for only a few bucks more-


Is it quite normal for a couple perfectly new DVD’s to stumble with the 16P9S even if they are from a box set and the others read fine? It was just really confusing to me, especially since the plex seemed to do such a great job. I was thinking of picking up another burner since they really aren’t much more. But i got the 16P9S for only 18US, so i figured it would do the job just fine. Does anyone know about the old plextor 16x dvd rom and if anyone is selling it? Thanks for the response

Like bigmike7 said, the 1693s is a great reader/burner, but more than once I have had to use my benq to rip some disc my liteon(s) couldn’t.

There is something wrong with your 16P9S. Mine will rip any single layer up to 14x and a double-layer up to about 11x. A lot of people have been having problems with this drive lately, so don’t discount the fact that you might get a replacement you’ll be happy with. Mine made crunching noises last week, now it’s fine. IME, the 16P9S rips damaged discs about as well as the 1693s… both are slightly better than the 167t. My Pioneer burners are much better rippers with damaged discs but are slower. Here’s my experience as of now (latest f/w for all):

Fingerprint/Dinged Discs:

  1. Pioneer 106, 108, Pioneer DVD-120 (no longer made)
  2. Lite-On 16P9S, 1693s
  3. Lite-On 167t
  4. Lite-On 166s (no longer made)
  5. LG DVD-ROMs (assorted)
  6. Toshiba DVD-ROMs (assorted)

Semi-cracked discs (pressed):

  1. LG
  2. Pioneer
  3. Anything else (bad)

Speed (average, pressed single/double):

  1. Lite-On 166s
  2. Lite-On 16P9S
  3. Lite-On 1693s
  4. Pioneer 106/108
  5. Lite-On 167t
  6. Pioneer DVD-120
  7. Toshiba
  8. LG


Thanks for the reply.

I remember when Pioneers were the best DVD-ROMs… back in the days where i was looking for a 4x dvdrom i guess it isn’t that long ago I do like their slotted designs despite their incompatibilities. I dont know why i didn’t think about grabbing a Pioneer… maybe it was the cheapness in which i got my Lite On… I am still testing out the Lite On though… when it works it works great… i think something happenned when i first installed it and it just didn’t like some discs in particular for some reason unknown… lately it seems to be getting better maybe it has self repairing nanotechnology that they didn’t list on the box Ill give it some more time… maybe Plextools messed something up again… i hate plextools but i love it at the same time =/

How is the PX-118 btw? i know it tests slower than the lite-on and probably the pioneers but i was just curious on if it reads as well as my 716a… then again some people have problems with their 716a, so i dont know =/

Just to follow up on this… For some reason the reader is working perfectly well since that one day… i dont know what its problem was at the time… but now im using the modded firmware at high speeds even max in some places DVD-ROM DL, DVD-ROM, DVD±R and im getting great rips… i guess it just has a break in period or something… honestly i have no clue.


Though some will dispute this - all ODD’s have a burn in period - just like any other computer componant - and seem to mellow with age -IMO


I am having a problem with my 16P9S reading burned disks. They work fine on my LTN 166S, Sony DDU1612, LTN 52327S, BenQ, and BTC DVD. I do not let my kids use the original retail disks. Should I send this drive back for a replacement??? Any suggestions???


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