Defective Riteks

I just received my 100-pack of Ritek 4x DVD+R from Amazon, media code RICOHJPNR01, revision 002. However, the first disc I burned at 8x on my NEC 3500 won’t play on my DVD player and the DVD-speed scan is pretty dismal :frowning:

Noticed that there are spots on the dye at the edges of the disc, a problem which was reported in two new amazon reviews (one person got 6 bad discs, the other says he got some 20) - I’ll let you know how many I got once I check.

But anyhow, what’s up with Ritek? This sounds like more than a quality control problem, this sounds like they’re throwing in a few bad discs with a bunch of good ones just so they can make a few more bucks.

Top few maybe bad. Grab some in the middle and try one. Shipping kind of screws a few up.

Looks like my top 7 are bad - top 2 look pretty bad, the others only have slight traces of spots. Well, 93 out of 100 ain’t bad.

Ran DVD speed on my NEC with the first disc I burned (I previously scanned on an Optorite burner) and I get a near-perfect curve with only 2 slight dips towards the end. However, on my DVD player it freezes near the very beginning - I’d think it would screw up near the end. Granted, it’s not the best player but it’s played everything I’ve thrown at it so far. Is this normal on these ‘spotted’ DVDs? I can’t run quality tests, much as I would like to. Also, would the other 93 discs be fine or do they vary in quality?

And maybe I jumped the gun in getting mad at Ritek; I’m just not sure what to think but people shouldn’t have to deal with this.

Have you tried burning any of them at their rated speed (i.e. 4x)? :wink: