Defective PX-712A. What are my options?



I own a PX-712A that I purchased from Newegg. It’s still under warranty. It recently started burning dark rings on all of my discs. I tried burning at different speeds using different media but it still produces dark rings.

I would like some advice on how I should go about getting a replacment. Should I contact Plextor for RMA and get a replacment? Or, should I contact Newegg to see what they can offer as a replacement since they no longer sell the PX-712A.

I just don’t want to risk getting a refurbished, problematic or sub-par drive from Plextor. Are there any alternative drives I should consider from Newegg if I go through them?

Any information is appreciated.


What does “dark rings” mean? Are the discs readable or not? How about a PIE/PIF-scan?


I did a PIE scan and the burn looked great. But then, I got an error message in the middle of the scan.


Contact both Newegg and Plextor and see what they will offer you.


To be honest, I think all the RMA’d drives I got were new. There weren’t any scratches on the sides or anything to indicate they’d been installed in systems previously.


You mean something like this? :
and this:


Two Degrees, my guess is Plextor was swamped with 716a RMAs including refurbs they sent and rma-ed again, so they started sending new drives instead. Now the forum is a little quiter, not to many “problems” anymore. Or maybe because we were all busy with other drives? :slight_smile:

Now for 712A I’m not sure if they have enough new ones in stock for RMA.


My Pioneer drive gives the dark rings (8x burning) quite a bit but they don’t seem to cause any problems, whereas when it happened on my 712A the result was a coaster.


My 712 also started creating these dark rings (3-8 on one disk) at higher speeds than 4x. At 4x it writes everything fine. The disks that have these rings are unreadable at those areas where the rings are. My drive is still under warranty, and I think it is dying, though the 4x scans are wonderfull. What do you guys suggest ? I am afraid if I RMA it Plextor send me a refurb drive that will be even worse than this one. This at least writes fine at 4x but sometimes I’d like (or at least I should have to) to burn at faster speeds. The disks I use and Plextor created the rings on are: Memorex DVD+R 4x RicohJPNR01, TDK DVD+R 4x CMC MAG, TDK DVD-R 8x TTG02, Verbatim DVD-R 8X TYG02, so it does not really matter if it is +R or -R. Seems these better disks also cause the trouble, so what should I expect from worse quality media, hehe…

regards, Stephen


Yes, the rings look just like the one in the links. I tried burning on different media and slowing down the burn speed, still the same result. I called Plextor about it and they advised me to try the 1.07 FW. Tried that and still got those rings.

I also get read errors when testing the media. Plextor agreed to RMA the drive. I really wanted to RMA to Newegg. But, they don’t carry the 712A anymore and it would be left to their RMA people to decide what an acceptable equivalent would be. I like my 712A so I didn’t want to take any chances because I’m not familar with the alternatives. So, I sent it back to Plextor. I’m just going to hope for the best. Hopefully all will go well.


I use Ritek R01 for my burns. My 712 did very well up until recently. The alternative I used to test was Ritek G04. I noticed that instead of a single ring that there is a faint second ring now. I guess the burns are starting to get worse.


Yes it did that on Ritek G04 aswell. I’ll wait and see how the RMA process is going for you, and then I probably also contact Plextor what to do, hehe… :slight_smile: Luckily it’s not my only burner, seems the NEC is much better quality though no question the scans of the Plextor’s burns look much better.

regards, Stephen