Defective DVD Question



Greetings all!

I have a question regarding a prerecorded DVD that has a play back problem. While playing, on occasion the movie will freeze up for a couple seconds then resume, and sometimes it may freeze up again a couple seconds later and may continue ‘single frame’ for a few frames then continue on it’s own. If I rewind to see if the problem repeats, it will happen again, but not necessarily in the exact same spot.

My question is: Will copying the disc to a hard drive, then either playing directly from the hard drive or copying to a new DVD-R resolve this problem? It seems all the data is there, on the disk, so is this a physical problem with the disk or in the data.



It should be able to be copied completely, as long as you use a software that does error recovery. Are there visible scratches on the dvd? If so, you could try some toothpaste and a very soft cloth and buff gently from top to bottom of the dvd (not in a circular motion).


Look and blame it for the bad media, use brand names and high quality media like Sony, Fuji (MIJ) and Verbatim brand of disc for recording.