Defective Drive? SH0183L

I just built a new computer. I have a Samsung 183L that for all intents and purposes seemed to be running perfectly until I tried to burn a CD-R or DVD-R. I’ve tried every method I can think of. When I put the CD or DVD media into the drive, Vista autodetects the blank media and asks me to format it with one of two methods. The first option (livefile or whatever) initiates the format then at the end says it could not complete the format. Drag and drop doesn’t work neither does burn to disc or master file formatting. I purchased Roxio Easy Media 9 and that also did not work. It could be a Vista problem, but I now suspect the drive should be replaced. What do you guys think?

I am running SD37P2 with E6700; Corsair XMS 2 DDr2 800 4x1 GB; Western Digital Caviar SE 320GB; Samsung 183L Sata DVD±R.

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What brands of discs are you using?

Probably be good to get rid of the drag and drop software off of your system.

What exactly are you trying to do and like Arachne asked what brand of discs are you using?

I am simply trying to create a data CD to backup my files. I am using Verbatim and I also tried using Optimum discs (DVD-R and CD-R) both of which I used successfully on my old machine.

I did uninstall the drag and drop Roxio software. I only installed it when all the other available options failed to successfully write to any media. After getting rid of Roxio, I still cannot write to any discs.

Do you have Alcohol or Daemon on your machine?

remove that crappy Roxio and you won’t have any problems. use imgburn for dvd burning and use cdburnerxp to burn cdrw media.

I already removed Roxio. Vista and it’s media player do not work either. I will try imgburn to see what happens.

did you remove any daemon or alcohol software?

Yes. I tried imgburn and it didn’t work either.

Then the problem could be Vista or the drive you have is defective. :wink:

Only thing i can suggest is to try it in another pc and see if it works ok.

It appears to be a SATA cable. Worst case a SATA plug on the MOBO. But I am leaning towards the cable. I have successfully used the current drive with a different cable.