Defective 1620's



Has anyone else started to notice a pattern here? It is starting to seem undeniable that there are some major quality issues with the latest crop of benq 1620’s. The forum is full of drives with the same types of problems.

What’s going on? Has anyone with inside connections to benq inquired about this? I am curious whst the insiders have to say…


I got a bad 1620 that was built in Oct 2004…burned a light ring on my ty02 that my other benq with same did not do…coaster city but good nero scans…


I returned a bad philips branded 1620 that was made in Sept


I also returned my BenQ 1620 drive manufactured in December 2004. It wouldn’t burn a DVD until the end.


CC had a sale just before xmas on the I/O Majic. I went through 3 of them and all 3 were bad. 2 of them had “G” f/w and 1 had “B” f/w. I don’t remember the month they were made. Why did the 1 have “B” f/w on it and not be a retail BenQ?


I guess i should probably link to the thread on my own experience…

edit: I never mentioned this before, but mine was made in Malaysia Oct 2004.

However, what I am most interested in knowing is waht the benq insiders know. Any info from your benq contacts?


probably was a return.


Probably all 3 were returns :eek: 2 times over


Definitely a QC issue, as far back as November 2004. That’s why I started looking at the NEC 3500A. Tested the 1620 last year but didn’t get good performance. You only get one chance to sell me a product.


Mine was bought from CC through the rebadger of I/O Magic, manufactured in August 2004 from Malaysia, and no problems with it.


My BenQ 1620 burned the ring on FUJIFILM03
My second BenQ 1620 was not that good (lives in a box now)
Both NEC3500a I have had are really good (Qikee Extreme v3 firmware) at writing whatever Dvds I put in em.


My 1620´s dead, the 2nd time now.
Purchased one in December, worked about 3 or 4 weeks when he suddenly burned dvds (MCC003, MCC004) that were unreadable in my liteon, in my toshiba, in my standalone, even in the 1620 (empty disc).
Then I exchanged the 1620 with a new one that burned until yesterday.
Now he has the same problem: burns a dvd to the end, but the disc is empty.
Made in Malaysia, December 2004, btw.



First one I got was a dud also made in China August 2004 the [working] replacement was the exact same, in fact their was a thread about this same topic a while back last year but it could simply be that CD Freaks offers a more distorted view of the DVD writer market and anyone with a faulty BenQ drive and hits Google looking for a solution inevitably ends up here ??


hmmm…strange…i have 3 pcs…and all work alright…Jul , aug , nov


I agree that BenQ needs to improve on their QC still, both in hardware as well as media, there’s too much fluctuation in performance between batches - fortunately, so far their firmware guys are as good as it gets.


My first NU-163 (BenQ Rebadge) drive died in January after about two weeks. The replacement is working great so far. I’ll cross my fingers because it burns better than my Pioneer 108 or NEC 3500.

That being said, I’ve returned a Pioneer 107 and Liteon 812S in past year (from different machines).


Already told everyone who would not want to know ;):

DW1620 bulk, Malaysia Oct 2004, firmware G7L9

Air warmer than 26 or 27°C and stopped working (strange data transmission mistakes) or even responding, some failed burns (good media!), got very warm itself even when idle. Variation of 100-800% (!) of PIE/PIF scanning depending on drive temperature.


How come I don’t read about these complaints at the NEC forum. Should we start a poll there about NEC 3500/3520? There are posts about drive not detected or no-burn issue. Some were using an external enclosure and gripe about not being able to burn at 16X with their crummy notebooks.

My NEC 3500 was an OEM Kanguru drive. Nothing bad to report, YET.


Probably because we are talking about BenQ writers :wink:


Hi all,
does anybody here have infos about DW1620 made in 2005 so far?