Defect 206D?

I have a 206D here, that all of a sudden just writes and reads 2x only with Verbatim CMCMAGBA5, that it supports to write 12x. Has anyone experienced something like that? Is this a sign of laser decay, or could it be something with the internal power supply of the drive itself? (PSU can’t be, same symptom on different PCs, and other BD writers work fine.)
Device is manufatured in April 2011, so it wouldn’t surprise me, but the symptom is weird.

See my old thread here…

I never tried the flash because I gave the drive to a friend. He never used it. Sorry I cannot be of more help.

Thanks, but my problem seems to be different. This 206D is on the latest firmware 1.06, and it also doesn’t want to write faster than 2x anymore.