Defeating Audio Cd Copy Protection



I just posted the article Defeating Audio Cd Copy Protection.

“Cactus” attempts to stop us from ripping audio Cd’s by adding bursts of noise that are only concealed by the Reed-Solomon error-correction system in conventional Cd players. . There really is no reason at all that we have to depend on real-time Solomon-Reed error correction. A good efficient software plug in should be able to fix the bursts of noise at a similar rate to making an actual mp3; depending on each one of our Pc’s capability. Please read the article & post your comments as well.

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This might sound like a BIG pain in the ass but coulnd’t you record from a line in from your stereo (with encoded cd) into your mic line record the tracks as individual waves then rip them to mp3? I understand youll lose a touch of quality from going from digital to audio back to digital any thoughts?


Forget DVD-A :r and check out SACD :g. Does everything DVD-A does :), but better and you DON’T have to get new HARDWARE until you want too and the CD Layer sounds better (usually) than the “normal” CD.


thanks, that’s very interesting, I’ll pass it to a coder friend. As for the SACD, that’s only true IF you have a hybrid disc, which is NONE of the popular titles [i.e. Sony] that I’m aware of.


there’s a thought, and my sound card is connected to my stereo via optical cables. :d


i need a good copy protection program could any one plz direct me to any sit or program i could use of thanx:)