Defeated cactus-motherf***ing-datashield 200!



ok, actually it's not as i've written, because i made an analogic connection (thanx to my new stereo with an audio out, and my old sound card without a digital audio in...) between my stereo and my pc, and recorded the songs wiht the exact audio copy wav recorder, then i've cut them with the wav editor by nero.
the result is now a (horrible...) cd which can be ripped even by your girlfriend :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile:



Searching for digital solutions, not a setting of digital to analogue- analogue to digital (this will always work)


“CloneCD 4: only read first session” comes to mind here :wink:


i tried the ‘read only first session’ setting in clone cd, but my stupid hardware wasn’t able to do it (i have a samsung scr-3232).


Try using ISObuster.


tried also that… no results


CDS200 is hardware dependant… Plextor (all models? I don’t know) have no problem with this protection…

Unlucky for you your Samsung drive is also affected by this protection. You found a way around, but you made an analog copy (assuming your stereo has no digital out, unless you have a really expensive amplifier…) I would prefer a digital copy. Another trick I have read about is the trick with the sticker or marker. More info on this trick can be found in the audio forum of Brennmeister. Attention: this is a german forum so you need to be able to read German (or use bablefish or something like that)

During the weekend I will experiment with the sticker/marker trick to see how it works… The results will be posted in this forum.



Does anyone have experience with the Plextor Ultraplex 32 and CDS oder Key2Audio? I always read, that the Ultraplex 40 can read, but no infos about the 32. And I don’t think that I’m the only one with this drive :slight_smile:


afaik the 32 sp deals just as good with cds or k2a as the 40 sp Plextor.


That sounds great. So I should be able to backup almost everything with my Ultraplex 32, Toshiba 1612 and my hopefully soon arriving Liteon 40125S :smiley:


The ability to copy CDS200 or similar protections seems to be a firmware (not hardware) limitation as Olli already said. If I remember right, Plextor has updated the firmware for their UltraPlex 40max to read discs with bad TOCs.
You can produce such CDs yourself by modifying the CCD file:

Change the PMin, PSec and the PFrame entry in the [Entry 2] section to something like that:


You can use this even on data discs!
Almost no drive can read such discs anymore
(except PlexWriters :wink: and the PSX, I think)


I have modified the ccd file & not even my Plex 24/10/40 can read


I am thinking of getting the 40x plex cd rom 2 c if it will wk



I’ve modified the entries of CCD file from Hitman to exactly the values which you used.


UltraPlex 40max: fails to read the sectors out of the range defined in the CCD. Tested with CDRWIN, EAC. If you specify the sector range in CDRWIN, you get bad sectors :-(.

Toshiba: fails, too (Why I’m not wondering ???)

PlexWriter: CloneCD only copies the 4 seconds, CDRWIN also. But if you select the sector range, the drive copies all the data perfectly :-). You can even start the setup from the CD as normally. Great drive!!!



U are veru correct …PSX machines can c all disc with a mod toc


I have tried the Tos 1612 also with no success…

I am trying recopy a psx game that I have done …all other software has failed I quess having alot 2 do with the drive…

I now have a copy of cdrwin 4.0A [demo] … still have not been able 2 copy it using your method … must b doing something wrong

But will continue



Then maybe we discovered another (great) protection. At least for PSX discs. Almost every drive seems to fail. Although this “trick” is so simple …


In entry 2 you are modifying that part of the TOC which points to the lead-out. In effect you state in your TOC that the cd ends after 4 secs, this protection is done in exactly the same way as with Easy Audio Lock, apparently this type of illegal TOC is also used by Cactus Data Shield 100. BTW your trick is for audio-cds and will make your cd also unreadable in a lot of cd-rom/dvd/car-audio/etc…


This is very true…

I have now done a few music cds & tried it in a whole heap of players [cheap & expensive] & they all wk perfectly …

However when i do try 2 play them in cd/dvd roms they seem 2 skip alot …

Software however is totally different as it will give me an error message stating that .exe is not a valid win32…

Someone gave me a psx game which someone did which all my drive all of a sudden incompatible with audio & data subchannel …

But I then was able 2 easily copy it with fantom…

anyway Will continue 2 mess with it …


to make not protected copies i use this method i make in clone an image then i load it wit daemon tools and after i make a new projet with feurio and burn it never had a problem neithir noise in my " backups"


Where can I modify the PMin, PSec and the PFrame entry in ccd?



Clonecd generates 3 files …

the one u are looking 4 is called image.ccd …open it with notepad … look 4 [ENTRY 2]