(default)-template no longer supported - Nero8 NeroVision API-Call


i want to create a video-dvd containing a menu using nero there is only nero sdk 1.08 available at the moment.

refering to the sdk-doc i can’t create a xml-file that won’t fail, because both elements <DEFAULT-TEMPLATE>and <DEFAULT-APPEARANCE>are no longer supported. i tried the elements <TEMPLATE>and <APPEARANCE>for the main-menu, but they don’t work, too. all these elements are working fine with nero 7. how ever, nero 8 tells me that i should use <TEMPLATE-REFERENCE>.

the “project-properties”-object exports a function called “Get_SupportedXMLSchema” wich returns a complete “NeroVisionAPI.xsd”.
here i found following lines:

<?xml:namespace prefix = xs /><xs:choice>
<xs:element name=“template-default”>
<xs:element name=“template-reference”>
<XS:attribute name=“template-id” type=“xs:string” use=“required”/>
<xs:element name=“template-file-reference” maxOccurs=“0” minOccurs=“0”>
<XS:attribute name=“template-src” type=“FileLocation” use=“required”/>

the attempt to take <TEMPLATE-FILE-REFERENCE>fails, nero only accepts <TEMPLATE-DEFAULT>and <TEMPLATE-REFERENCE>. <TEMPLATE-DEFAULT>creates a very simple and non complete menu, it’s useless. <TEMPLATE-REFERENCE>has only the attribute <TEMPLATE-ID>, but no matter what i put in there, nero doesn’t find this template…

could anyone please tell me if creating a dvd with a menu is even possible with nero 8 using the api and if it is, how? is there a predefined list of <TEMPLATE-ID>'s or a function to get an id of an existing template?

thanks for your help