? Default Subtitles and Audio Stream with IfoEdit


I was fiddling around with video editing and used one of my foreign movies to do an experiment to test setting video defaults. I am aware of DVDShrink’s option for this, but I am more interested in doing it with as much control as possible (little overhead), so I tried IfoEdit.

I ripped the movie with CloneDVD, but it does not copy the command table so I added one and included pre-commands to set the subtitles and audio stream.

I tested it with VLC and it seems to work. The question is, is that sufficient? Do I need to add any other commands? Is there a way to test to make sure that it’s good and I didn’t corrupt the titleset?


How did you rip CloneDVD - full disc or movie only? Doesn’t CloneDVD have an option to select a default audio and subtitle stream, which is reflected in the command?

Use PgcEdit to edit commands rather than IfoEdit as it does not have a full set of commands available. PgcEdit is easier and able to catch any errors it may encounter.

Sorry, I always use the copy titles function, and no menus. I looked around but could not find any such option. In fact, it looks like CloneDVD is a very basic app for non-advanced users (like point-and-click cameras).

Actually, I did look at PGCEdit (there was a reference to it in another thread here that mentioned defaults.) However, I find nothing about it to be easy, it’s UI is so cluttered with controls, that it is very overwhelming. I used IfoEdit because it is more streamlined. I ran two instances of it and opened the original DVD in one, and the ripped copy in the other to compare. That’s how I found the part that needed to be changed. Plus, I don’t (currently) need a full set of commands.

I tried it out and it seems to work fine, so my only real concern is whether simply adding the command to set the subs and audio is correct. I don’t know if there are supposed to be other “wrapper” commands or structures or whatnot that are required when adding a command (or a whole command table).

An analogy for any programmers here is: adding the command int* num=new int; is not enough and causes problems on it’s own; to do it correctly, you must add a corresponding delete num; somewhere.

No worries, this is enough when you just copy titles with no menus involved.

btw, if you don’t like PgcEdit’s UI, you might want to take a look at DvdReMake Pro - it’s more user friendly and well structured, but it’s not free.

Thanks, and I think I’ve already fiddled with DVDReMake before. I’ll take another look at it next time.