Default Settings


Can someone tell me how to change a default setting?

I convert my DVD to mobile using Generic then the conversion settings generic avi xvid mp3.

I then have to set the audio and bitrate

Is there some way that I can set this as the default settings?


general settings you can set memorize user interface options.

there is a profile editor but ive never used it.

you can customize the profiles to only provide the settings you want. i dont know much about this but search the dvdfab forum. also look for postings by signals and gregiboy.

As Troy suggested, use the Profile Editor. There is a preliminary guide for it in the DVDFab Tutorial, it’s the last item under DVD to Mobile in the sidebar menu. Also, read this post.

Thanks for the info.

What do you guys thingk are the best optimum settings for converting DVD to AVI XVID??


It depends on the requirements and abilities of the device you will use to play them back. For playback on a PC, choose on of the larger screen sizes and set the bitrate slider to 2000-2500 kbps. This will take longer to convert and the files will be larger, but will look very good.

I watch them on a 68cm TV.

The setting I use at the moment are.
Generic avi xvid mp3 1 Pass fixed bitrate frame resolution the one that matches the DVD 100% zoom. 200 bits/pixels audio 64kbps volume 130