Default Recorder in Roxio when using Daemon Tools?

I have successfully been using Roxio Easy CD/DVD (6 or 7, I forget) to do archiving of music/video files on to DVDs for some time.

Last week when I opened up Roxio to use it I wasn’t able to ‘see’ my DVD drive as the Default Recorder, which instead was set (only) as a CD recorder (ie. DVDs where not recognized).

The only way to get my DVD unit (NEC 3500) to be recognized by Roxio was to reload the Roxio s/w.

Now once again, last night, I could no longer see my DVD drive and I/m beginning to think that the settings are being somehow corrupted/changed when I’m using Daemon Tools to emulate CDs.

Tonight I can shut off Daemon Tools and see if that allows me to access my DVD burner, but in the meantime has anyone had any experience with this problem and can you provide any guidance.

I have to believe that Roxio can maintain its settings whether Daemon is being used or not - and I’m wondering if I need to load the Roxio s/w while Daemon is active (but what happens then when I’m not using Daemon)…?

Thanks and regards.

I have installed on my systems Nero 6.6 , Roxio 7.5 etc & Daemon Tools & have never experienced such a thing.
Not too helpful I’m afraid but it would suggest that the software combination is not causing the problem.
Presumably if you insert an original DVD or a burned one then these are recognised by windows.

im having the same exact problem with the same exact drive, but i have never used Daemon Tools, nor have I ever installed it on my comp, so i have so idea whats going on.

I think it’s a bug in Roxio 6 and, at least for me, the only fix has been to reload Roxio. A bit of a pain but that seems to be the most realiable fix when, for whatever reason, Roxio looses its CD/DVD settings (presumably in the registry).

Apparenetly some people have had some success running the Roxio utility (roxassist.exe, located the “Upgrade” folder in the Roxio Shared folder within Common Files directory under Program Files) - although it didn’t work for me.

Good luck.

It could be that this will help. It’s an edit to the registry that clears the upper/lower filters & seems to resolve the problem of optical drives dissappearing. To use make a text file with the extension of .REG with these details.







Then reboot.

It has much the same effect as uninstalling & reinstalling Roxio.

I should have said double click on the file you create & add it to the registry.

Thanks for the suggestion TimC (even if it didn’t help)!

Once again, yesterday, Roxio lost its setting for my DVD burner so I tried your suggestion.

I copied everything from and including REGEDIT4 to …UdfReadr] into a txt file, called it Roxio-re-reg.reg and executed it, then rebooted.

Unfortunatley when I tried to start up Roxio Classic Creator it stalled (hanging on the yellow Roxio Ceator Classic box screen).

Did I copy and create the reg file OK?

Unless you have another suggestion guess I’ll need to re-install Roxio and get it working that way.

I hate throwing good money after bad, but is it worth considering an upgrade to a newer version of Roxio?

What version of Daemon Tools are you using? IIRC there were some versions that had a conflict with Roxio version 6.

Daemon Tools is version 3.47 and Roxio Creator Classic is ver

Not sure what you mean “IIRC”?

IIRC = “if I recall correctly”. I would recommend that you update your Roxio version 6. The latest update is for the Platinum version and for the Basic version. I can not recommend the latest version of Daemon tools since it now contains adware.