Default bit rates for generic

I am used to another program which has bit rate values of 1200 ( normal quality) , 1500 ( higher quality) for divx conversions.

what is the logic behind dvdfab’s default bit rate value of 1423 for xvid - why not a round number - is there anything magic about this value ?

Hey cybmole,

I don’t know what that is with the weird “default” values either, or if there’s any logic to it, but it did call enough attention to itself for me to realize that I could change the value. :slight_smile:

Instead of using the slider, just input the value that works best for your player. (The same goes for the audio level. I like round numbers so I just input “150” % to boost the volume on the audio track.)

NOTE: Be carefull about going too high in the bit rate, you need to stay within the playback specs of your device. Otherwise you’ll end up producing a really high quaility rip that can’t be played on your portable.