Default audio stream

Hi there,

I’d like to watch my movies in german. My dvd-player is somewhat stupid in this, because if there is an english stream, it plays the english one - except the german language is pre-defined from the dvd to be the default stream.

As far as I can see, only dvd shrink (in re-author mode, right-click on the movie) and dvd2one are offering this. Or is there some option in clonedvd I could not find?
And if its not possible, will it be in Version 2.1? :bigsmile:

The only thing I could find in the forums was the same request like this one, december 2003, but with no answer…



you usually have some preferences in your DVD player, where you can set the preferred language. I don’t know if this is even a mandatory requirement to get the DVD logo, but even my 49,- EUR Cyberhome player has this.
I am pretty sure, yours has it as well.

@Boskin: I found this setting and I am using it… the resulting dvd has both audio languages but the wrong is selected.

@Olli: You can set the language for the subtitle and the disc menu: English, French, Spanish, Italian. Not exactly what I’d like to have. :rolleyes:

It’s a Scott 837, by the way. A really fine player which plays almost everything, but no preselection of audio possible as it seems.

Looking at what you’ve said I suppose the answer to my question is: “no, there is no way to select a default stream in clonedvd” :frowning:

How come ? AFAIK, the Audio button is available on its remote.

Did I say anything different? You won’t believe it, but I have not only found this button, but I am also pressing it when needed.

Perhaps I am talking some kind of klingonian dialect, but I simply have no fun in switching the audio language manually on every single dvd I insert into my dvd-player, I want my dvds to play in the desired language by default…