Default audio in SVCD's



Hi all:)

I have a small problem with a number if SVCD’s I have.

They have 2 audio channels, one in English and one in German.
This is not a problem when watching them on my PC as it automatically selects English, but my DVD player allways selects German as the default and I have to manually switch to english, so my question is is it possible to strip the german audio out so only the english is left, or switch then around so the english channel is the default?


Demux the MPG file (use TMPGEnc) to Video & Audio streams, then use an Audio Editor ( Goldwave, CoolEdit, Sound Forge, etc) to remove the German and copy the English to the second chanel. Save and convert to MP2 form again. Re-mux bacxk to video stream and burn out as a SVCD with VCDEasy.


It worked a treat, thanks:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
Getting rid of the german was a bit of a pain (it wanted to delete the lot), but I got it in the end.

My DVD player is now a much happier machine!:bow: :bow: :bow: