Dee's ND3550 1.Y6 does not work on 3550A

I installed’ Dee’s ND3550 1.Y6 firmware RPC1 on my new 3550A and windows no longer detect my dvd drive. I can’t even flash it back to the original, because binflash says no supported drive detected. Can someone please explain what happened?

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It sounds as though the flash maybe went wrong. What state is the drive in at the moment?

Is the LED flashing, will the tray open?

The light does not flash. The drive opens when I click open. The flash update went smoothly. It said I had to reboot the computer for the flash to take into effect. However, after I rebooted, it no longer detects the dvd drive and i can not flash it back because binflash says no supported drive detected.

Strange as the firmware has been used by many users without problems as you can see here -->

Did you download this firmware from our site or did you obtain it from another source?

I downloaded it from this site. I just installed my dvd burner today and I burned a dvd on it perfectly. Then I flashed it with the 1.Y6 and I no longer see it. Is there a way I can get it back? I saved a bin of the orginal b4 I flashed it to the Y6. Thanks.
Also could it have anything to do with image drives? I have Alcohol and Nero installed and both of them have image drives.

Ah, Alcohol is known to have some issues. try uninstalling it and see if the drive is then seen in Windows. BTW, is the drive seen in your system BIOS?

I had that same problem a while back under a little different circumstances. I could see the drive in my bios but binflash wouldnt work. The original flasher from nec worked to restore it, than after that binflash worked again and I used liggy and dee’s firmware after that.

Fixed it. Well I had to remove the UDMA driver in device manager. Reboot the computer and windows will reinstall the UDMA driver and afterwards, the dvdr appears. it’s so strange.