Hi anyone out there have DeepBurner? If so and knows how to use it, could you please let me know? I want to burn some movies from my hard drive to a dvd and watch them on my dvd player. Thanks

There is a free version of Deepburner here. The free version won’t burn dvds unless you have the files in a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder format and burn them as a data disc. If you need to convert the files you should probably download divxtodvd. It’s the free version and it will convert avis and mpgs to the proper format for burning with Deepburner.

You should also try this; Try to post in only one section it’s a lot easier to get help. That way everyone can see the answers that have aready been given and you don’t get a lot of repeats

Thank-you sikoone, i made a mistake and posted two, sorry about that too. thank-you again for the information,also i did look into cdburnerxp, but i am not very informative about computers, so i am trying to find a dvd burner program that is very simple, if you know of any, please let me know, (i mean really really simple) thanks for your help and how fast you got back to me.

For burning, I recommend ImgBurn v.2.0 Located HERE. Amoung other things, ImgBurn will now build an ISO from the files on your HD and then burn it for you.

ImgBurn is developed by the same person that gave us DVD Decrypter(ImgBurn is a burner only, no decrypting functions…before someone asks).