DeepBurner Free vs. CDBurner XP Pro vs

I started this thread to make a ‘fair’ comparison between freeware CD/DVD burn programs. As far as I could find, the two mentioned in the title of this topic do a fairly good job. But what are the differences? Which program is better in what aspect? And please, if you think some program I forgot to mention is worth to be mentioned, tell us!
To begin with the comparison:

  • DeepBurner Free is also available as a ‘portable’ version: It can be loaded onto a USB-stick, so you can take it with you everywhere.

I know here are people having an option about this :cool:. Share it with us! :iagree:

Maybe you can include ImgBurn. It’s also free, but I don’t know if is possible to install it on a USB key.

That program only burns image files, but it cannot author CD’s or DVD’s. So I think that program is a bit out of the scope.
I hope some people can contribute to this comparison!

Heard about this one today

Made by Honestech, better known for encoders and players.