Deep-rooted Piracy



a very small revelation which added up to become a big thing for me and everyone around.

i bought a couple of cdrw from a well-established store. one Sony 4X, another Samsung 10X. also bought a 10cd samsung cdr spindle my friends bought a 50-cd writex spindle.

Sony Media
on coming home i notice that sony hologram on backside doesnt shine. on comparing it to an original sony cdr pack, i found that hologram had no similarity at all whatsoever. fake.

Samsung CDRW
i was surprised to see how flimsy cdrw samsung guys had made. on checking cd details in alcohol, it was confirmed. fake.
Media Manufacturer: MoserBaer (a samsung cdrw)
Max Speed : 4X (10x written on the case)

Writex Media
next day i visited my friend and popped one of his writex cds in cdr drive and ran alcohol. again same thing. it was same on all discs. fake.
Media Manufacturer: MoserBaer (a writex cdr)

Samsung CDR
i ran alcohol and it showed
Media Manufacturer: ProDisc
and afaik prodisc presses for samsung, isnt it?

anybody to help me out here? this is a big scam.


If you are not happy with what you got take them back. If they are a well established place I dont see why there should be any problem witht them taking them back


the shop is big one, but i wont say the same for those tea guzzling tobacco eating sellers. all i can do is rely on their sense of decency. or either threat them.

are there any links to report such things online to companies? i ddi’nt find a link of any sorts to report illegal duplication on the samsung and sony site.

has anybody encoutnered this prob before, and if yes, then wht did they do?


None of those brands manufacture media theirself. So they buy the media from the manufacturer which provide the lowest price.

For example Prodisc and Moser Baer.

So they are not fake.


i sure hope so. but then why would a disc being advertised as 10x CDRW actually be a 4x one? then look too flimsy to be original too?
and sony fake logo still tells that things are not the way they should be.