Deep Burner Pro - Good Alternative?

Is Deep Burner Pro a good alternative to Nero or Roxio? It seems these “all in one” suites have problems because they try and do it all.

(FWIW, I’ve run into problems with both - Roxio seems to have problems burning data to DVD’s, and Nero Vision has had problems)

Would appreciate any thoughts on using Deep Burner.

I like DeepBurner for not being bloatware. If you also dislike to be forced to install 200 MB worth of burning suites, you should definitely consider it as an alternative. However, it seems that DB still has issues with selecting burning speed on many systems. In my case it won’t let me select DVD burning speed other than the maximum available. You won’t know if you’ll be affected by this problem unless you try though. So the most logical thing would be to try out the Free version and see if it works well enough for you to purchase the Pro version (which has copying capabilities as well as a few extra features).

Also it looks like DB is not yet stable with Double Layer recording, so if you need to record DL media you’ll still have to use different software until a future version with good DL support is out.

I have had problems burning DVD videos with DVD burner pro. While we are on the subject. They burn fine and play on my computer fine but there is an error when it comes to playing them in my DVD player. And my DVD player usually plays burnt DVDs. If someone could possibly help me out with that I would be grateful.

DeepBurner Pro has two good things - it’s brainlessly simple and absurdly cheap.
If you have 50 bucks to spare DON’T buy Deep Burner Pro. If, on the other hand you are a cheap like me and want some piece of action for 17.95 (, this is where I got DeepBurner Pro at 10% Off) - go for it. It does the job pretty good and I never had any compatibility issues with a regular DVD player, I guess it all depends on DVD standards a player can play
Traxdata Ones is another small (5Mb download) writing program - and another one, currently free, though if there is same change burning a hole in your pocket (or paypal), donations welcome

Well in my case I’ve been using Nero from V 5 till V 7 Ultra, It always had the friendly interface and burn verification etc etc…

But when I switched to DB Pro it only took almost 20Mb while Nero always took greater than 300Mb HD space.

Some features in DB were comparatively quite slow,got some incompatibilities with my samsung DVD burner,DVD erase function works fine until some other application shows it’s not erased.

But it worked fine with no other problem.

Couple of days back I got to read a thread in DB forum that DB lacks burn verification feature.I’m not sure it’s true but if it is… then it’s a serious problem.

Other than that it has stimulate option which shows a simulation before burning which ensures burn process won’t go wrong while burning. This feature is pretty unique fr DB.And it supports creation of ISOs.So I still like it.