Deep Analysis for Clone DVD2 Please Slysoft

Now before anyone jumps on me for mentioning this, please take the time to read and think about it.:wink:
Now dont get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVE Clone DVD2:flower: I own all their products and use each one of them…BUT!

I would love to see Slysoft add something like Deep Anyalysis, similar to DVD Shrink! Why you might ask? Well I have done the tests to compare both versions when trying to back up a LONG movie without splitting. I want to get the very best possible back ups without using some of the other very slow systems as I have a projector with a 102" wide image.

I made two backups of “Batman Begins” which is 140mins long, feature only.
I made 1 with Shrink using the longest settings, Deep Analysis set to Max Smooth, it is extreamly slow over an hour I think but when I compare the results to Clone DVD2 they are completly different! I compared the Original to my version from Shrink and I just cant see any differance! I can on Clone DVD2 version though. So Im now running TWO systems, Shrink for LONG movies (feature only always for both) and Clone DVD2 for short films.

Does anyone know what the Deep Analysis + Max Smooth on Shrink really does? And why cant Slysoft add something similar to Clone DVD2 for those that want a better backup “quality wise” who dont mind waiting that extra time. If it takes an hour or so I dont mind, set it and go to bed and allow auto turn off.

I love using Clone DVD2 as its so simple but I would love to be able to completely discard Shrink, but I just cant until the picture quality for long movies improves on Clone:bow: .

I know we can use Dual Layer but who wants to pay extra when Deep Analysis + Max Smoothness can give the same resuts.

If you dont believe me try it for your self!:eek:

Im happy with Clone DVD2 on my 50" Plasma but not on my 102" projection screen:sad:

Please dont be angry with me, as I know lots of you will defend Clone DVD2 to your graves! I would too, but I know they can do better for us guys with BIG SCREENS:clap:

Since it would probably take a similar amount of time, why not just us shrink? What would you gain?

I see you didnt reed my post correctly???

I do use Shrink as my post says.

And of course it would take a similar time, as my post says.

What I would gain is to stay with one and one only prog, the one I like using, Clone DVD2, as my post says!

Agreed, a deep analysis seting would be a nice option, but since Shrink and Nero (both written by the same author) have this setting it may be copywrited, other programs have tried to do a similar thing but are short of the mark, I think this issue may go deeper than we think.

I agree with you Alan we need this on Clone DVD2 as well! :bow: We love the prog but the quality needs the extra boost for long films like Shrink has with Deep Analysis + Max Smooth :smiley: Please Sly sort look into this area for us guys that want great quality :slight_smile:

Also! Could the cut feature in CLONE be more like Shrink? In Shrink you can customize the ammount of the cut at the beginning and end of the movie! Clone only does full Chapters to cut!

Add it to the ‘wishlist’ for CloneDVD2;

1.) Current Read/Write Speed “real time” display
2.) Setting play order for titles copied without menus
3.) Setting default subtitle / audio stream for titles copied without menus
4.) Merging discs
5.) Easier splitting
6.) Removing material from menus.
7.) Allow layer break to be mauntained as original.
8.) Verification of written data.
9.) Option to do improved analysis/encoding

Even without these improvements CloneDVD is great, think how good it would be with these!

Ditto all of the above… That’s why I keep Recode2 in the arsenal…

I like the real time read- write speed option idea alot, you can even add that to Nero with a registry entry.

Keep this thread going guys i do hope Slysoft is watching it for us!
Does Recode2 have a Deep Analysis with teir prog like Shrink? And is it free too?

Im not looking for Free I just want my lovely clone DVD2 do do a bit more like some of the others do!
Clone DVD2 should have all the best things that the others have! It should be the only prog we all have at home. PLEASE HELP US SLYSOFT!

Ditto! CLONE could be the next king with very little changed! Very nice program!

As a sidebar, how did you get Recode2 installed without installing all the garbage of Nero Digital? Or didn’t you… :frowning:

Recode2 is Shrink in a newer crappier package. LOL.

It has a “high quality” mode which is much like turning on Deep Analysis + AEC/Smooth.


I agree with you. I want a Deep Analysis like Nero Recode!

Lord Croft you are so so so right :flower: Please Slysoft you are almost the best prog on the market, but only adding a few extras you could then wipe all the others off the planet :clap:

Is Nero Recode, Shrink?

Is Recode2 free?

No! $60 for the full retail box at Amazon!

Has anyone fom Slysoft read our questions on Qaulity?
Seems very quiet from them? :bow:

Slysoft doesn’t actually develop this product to the best of my knowledge. (Olli) does.

That said, I agree: 1) introduce an option that is on par with “Deep analysis with max smoothness” in Shrink, and 2) introduce splitting anywhere (not just at chapter markers). Being able to merge split discs would be a nice option as well, but I’m not holding my breath.