DEE-27\mod firm possible




Well i have a question or favor to ask
i have one of your firmwares loaded on my NEC3500
forgot which one ( 2.18??? ) it is but here goes
the question is it possible for me to send you my dumped firmware
to add a media code to it?
the reason is i like the way it burns right now but i got some 16X media
that does not show @ 16X only 2.4 or 4.0
i would hate to loose how good the drive does for me now
I bought some Fuiji 16X media +R’s and -R’S to try but the +R’S( media code
PRODISC R05 )do not show any faster than 4.0X
what i’m trying to do is not loose how the drive preforms with my other media
i dont venture to often on media but thought i would give these fuji’s a go
the -R’S Show 16X but the +R’S like stated above only 4.0X Max
well please advise i’ll PM my firm if it is possible
p.s. i know kinda lame but hate to mess up what i’ve already got to
try this media :doh: :doh: :doh:


You can rename an existing media code to the one you want with MCSE yourself.


If you are using one of their firmwares already why would you have to send them a copy of something which they created in the first place…

(confused) :confused:


well the firmware i may have loaded might be one of the BETA’s
from way back when been awhile since i loaded it
i just dont wanna loose what i’ve got right now.
Gretz, ala42
well how would i edit it i’ve never done any thing like that
well thankx for the replys


You can dump your firmware with Binflash. So you can backup your current firmware and also modify it with ala42’s tool. If you don’t like what you did, just restore your dumped firmware.


well i did get the tools but i’m not able to add a new media code
my firm i’m trying to add the code does not even have the disc id at all
( prodisc R05 001 )
i did’nt wanna replace any of the other codes
i just wanted to add the new media code
well please advise


Read the MCSE FAQ, please!!


At the moment i don’t have time to do this, but i will put it on my ‘to do’ list.
MCSE should be able to add this media for you, i would suggest using the ProdiscR04 swap. As chef says. have a read at the MCSE FAQ.


Gretz,DEE-27 & chef
well i did as instructed by DEE-27 swaped the media code
thankx for everbodys help :clap: :clap:
@DEE-27 when ever you get free pm me i’ll send ya my firmware
for your final tweaking :bigsmile: :bigsmile: