Dect phones



I recently bought a panasonic (not listed here)TG7431from USA .In india the caller ID does not function .does anybody know how alter its confuguration so that caller ID works.I heard a guy at mysore karnataka india,does this with out opening the phone. help anyone regards shekar:bow:



transmission of caller ID and similar information is a matter of the local phone company. The phone supports this feature (unless it’s defective), so you need to contact your phone company’s customer support for a solution. Nothing else works.


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Hi michel,
thanks for an reply.But i do have a caller ID device(an external device) is working with the telephone company.So now why does new Dect does’t work ? regards shekar:confused:


Unfortunately, I have no idea how telephony works in India.
The main point is, the sender must transmit his caller ID and the receiver must have a phone that supports caller ID.

You can find some information on page 27 of your phone’s manual.

Have you already tried without this CallerID device? Additionally, you should go through the settings of your phone again. Maybe you missed some adjustment.