DeCSS is terrorware according to the court

I just posted the article DeCSS is terrorware according to the court….

Monday I reported about the DeCSS util going to court again. Well to the US government, a DVD descrambling utility is the same as terrorware that could crash airplanes, disrupt hospital equipment…

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cool I`ve just downloaded the program… now lets crash some planes :slight_smile:

Schiphol…here I come! :d

Moronic Judge! Some people are born stupid, others have to work to become stupid. I reckon the judge is the second type. Yeah - copying DVD’s to hard drive is definitely killing thousands of poor innocent people by crashing a plane. Damn, I better think about that one next time I’m copying a DVD, I should take into account not only what rate to compress it at but also what time of the day I should rip it at to try to kill the least people. GET A BRAIN!! As for the New York Times standing up for it. GOOD FOR THEM!! They have a bit of cash so let them stand up for the people’s power! Kinda a shame that they’ll have to remove it really soon after the lawyers get involved.

Its our old mate George W. Bush who has supported this decision… hm… I wonder why… probalby doesnt have anything to do with the 700 million dollars he got for his campaign from some “small” american companies… Good luck U.S.A. :wink: You will need it :4

hello you all… read the fucking news article BEFORE reacting in such a way… I’v’ read that “an assistant U.S. attorney told a federal appeals court”, so this means that some jackass prosecutor tells the judge what he thinks about DeCSS… the judge has not decided yet, he will do that AFTER listening to the defenders argument. So yeah, the attorney is dumb, but we don’t know yet what the judge will be like…

fair comment spam boy :7

yes I mean court not judge :slight_smile: sorry

Well, Is MS Windows not also able to crash systems ? So why aren’t they brought to court for this ?! these crashes CAN do harm to the human comunity !!! Trouble

Well… It’s a descrambler Of course it is a terrorware. The judge is right