DeCSS (DVD decryption software) banned again

I just posted the article DeCSS (DVD decryption software) banned again.

Kyle SGMS used our newssubmit to tell us that DeCSS, a tool that is able to decrypt DVD’s, has been declared illegal again by the The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

The lawsuit started when…

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Yeah, DeCSS, smartripper, VOBrip, dodsrip etc etc etc. So many stuff of this is floating around, it’s hard to miss it when searching.

BTW, anyone ever tried to backup the movie “The Kid”? I tried using DVDDecrypter and it failed because the movie is like two steps up, one step back, understand? For every two seconds played, it would repeat one second of the same video for some reason…

Duh ! Can I say ‘closing the stable door after the horse has bolted’ ? What the hells the point?!? Legal/illigal? dont mean shit when DVD decrypt soft is available all over the the net.

this argument about free speech is so ridiculous anyway. what does it have to do with free speech. of course this tool is illegal. this doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t use it, but let’s be honest.

ATTN: WRFan _____________ You are a dumbass. there is no such thing as ridiculous when it comes to free speech, and those who are trying to stifle it. The USA was founded on certain principles and this is one of them. The “Free Speech” they are referring to is that it is ILLEGAL to post the source code. Textual expression is free speech in its truest form and no company has any right to take that away-whether they like what is said or not. If a newspaper printed the code, they would be arrested and probrably given 4 years (drinkordie reference) for infringement of the DMCA… if I post the source code for a small program I wrote … am i breaking the law? where do you draw the line? what determines if a software or source has “crossed the line?”. what if some idiot says that they used portions of my code to decrypt a DVD? Should i be arrested?.. think about it. Dumbass

WRFAN: DeCSS was originally designed for DVD playback on Linux, not for DVD piracy. The creator was part of a team to create a Media player that would play DVD’s, as well as other formats. It’s design had NOTHING to do with piracy, it was just allowing Linux users to play what they owned on their operating system of choice. Research a little more before you insult.