DeCSS creator indicted in Norway

I just posted the article DeCSS creator indicted in Norway.

I guess we all already noticed that breaking a protection or hacking is not a hobby anymore, where once people were praised for their effort to increase security by showing leaks in the system,…

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I just can’t discribe how much this and those laws suck! /me shruggs

And if the dude goes to jail. It will only piss hackers off. What is the recording industry gaining from this? The damage is done to the wallets already. I’ve used DeCSS when it was first released on the web. Now there are at least 3 other ways to decrypt and decode the vob files on your hard drive. Guess next the DVD makers will try SD2 on the DVD’s. Who knows?

it’s really funny… the laws were created from religion but now laws are made to protect businesses and the money they make… it’s such a sad sad world we live in…

So unfair, this guy made a DVD player for Linux and gets sued cause he stumbles upon the solution to break the DVD encryption. This had nothing to do with hacking, just with some good programming on his side.

Just a little note: The best security experts usually aren’t hackers but cryptologists. The difference is, cryptographers alert the corporation that has the security flaw and then keep quiet. The problem is, it’s cheaper to not fix it than to fix, and so nothing happens. Also, hackers will attack things just for fun, but cyptographers usually like to get paid.

SirDavidGuy: What!!!??? hacker= someone with an indepth knowledge of computer systems. security expert= well this one is easy :wink: cryptologist (cryptographer)= one who uses, studies or develops cryptographic systems and writings. Accepting the above as true what you say doesn’t make much sence. It’s like saying “The best biologists aren’t scientists but chemists.” “cryptographers alert the corporation that has the security flaw and then keep quiet” Again que!? What kind of wild assuption is this!? I partly agree with your idea that it comes down to money in the end, as most things do, also time, and pure laziness could be important factors. To round off: “hackers will attack things just for fun, but cyptographers usually like to get paid” Again the same definition problem as above. If one overlooks that fact it still is a load of crap (and I mean that in the politest manner :wink: ). I consider myself a security expert and by proxya hacker. Whether I am a cryptographer is up for debate :wink: however I do it for fun (attack). Sure my targets are clients LAN’s and I get paid (well most of the time unless it’s for a friend etc.), but that is mainly because I work for a company. Hell I’d be happy to part with my advice for free, and do so on the internet on regular basis. So what’s the point of my idle ramblings? Well I am tired of people confusing the term “hacker” (which I am proud to be) with the actual term “computer criminal”. [NOTE: I won’t even get into the problems people have with the term cracker :wink: ]

Oh i see so if the FBI access your machine by breaking the encryption you just might happen to have installed on your files are they also held in prison.

That just sucks bigtime. I think the words scapegoat/patsie apply here rather well. It’s a shame he did’nt publish ANON. Would have been a wise move I think, not knowing what the basklash might be. If he goes to prison for being a smart-dude and breaking something which as widely available (not like he hacked the CIA) then thats just justive gone mad. It’s out there now, the big companies cant do anything about it so what good does it do to make go after one person. All they want is an example for future. But any similar cracks in future would be released ANON anyhow.

@swede242 Your right; I did use an incorrect definition of hacker. But I stand by my definition of cryptologists. Cryptographers spend much more time analyzing real life systems them making cryptosystem. Why do you think that there are 1,000’s of cryptologists, but only dozens of secure cryptosystems?

Okay, well this reminds me. Any of you fold remember when the author of PGP was being tried in the US for Munitions Smuggling? No not that he was smugglings guns etc, but strong encryption was called munitions. I still have a T-Shirt with a copy of the encryption algorithm on the back and on the frong “Internation Munitions Smuggler”. I say we do the same here!!!