DeCSS called tool for breaking, entering and stealing in DVD CCA lawsuit



I just posted the article DeCSS called tool for breaking, entering and stealing in DVD CCA lawsuit.

The Californian Attorney General Bill Lockyer has called the
DVD software DeCSS a tool for “breaking, entering and stealing”. He said
this during the hearing of the case DVD Copy…

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The USA preserves the right of its citizens to bear arms - despite over ELEVEN THOUSAND gun murders a year! A gun is a tool for murder, but the good-ol’ USA wont restrict that! Something with a legitimate use such as DeCSS however is FAR TOO DANGEROUS for the public to get its hands on! Profit margins of government cronies are at stake!!!


Guns do not kill people. People do. DeCSS will live forever no matter how far and wide the government will try to track it down and put it off the internet. Next thing you know someone will put it on a VPN to download it as a webpage later buster


“Guns do not kill people. People do.” Computers do not use DeCSS. People do. Just had to say that :g


Oh yeah, love the raciton above, GREAT one !!! :slight_smile:


I think its more like: DeCSS doesn’t pirate movies, People do.


I blame the Jews. Oh, and Canada. (for no particular reason) - South Park.:g * Oh, btway screw you with the I’m anti-semedic. bull$hit. :r


guns don’t kill people, bullets do. the gun just makes them move really really fast. Chris Rock


“Guns do not kill people. People do.” 10 times as many people are killed WITH guns in the US than in Europe. Blame what you will for the American GUN murder rate, but I can’t help feeling that the GUN plays a part somewhere!


Maybe they should make it illegal to open uo a real lock and look inside it. Send all the locksmiths to jail. Last time I checked, I was allowed to break into my own house if i want to. What would happen if you get locked out? “Sorry son, you can’t break in to your house, it’s illegal” “But it’s my house” “That doesn’t matter. If you try to break in, you’re nicked” “but…” Oh yeah, and I know you only license DVD’s but i’d say the same applies for my rented house.


Don’t confuse right and wrong with legal and illegal, if you want to get back at the movie studios for this case then make up some ‘how to pirate stuff’ CDs and hand them out at Blockbuster video, you can clue in a lot of people and do a lot of damage, also remember the next CPUs from Intel (don’t know the name) and AMD (Opteron?) both have DRM built in so don’t buy them and at work make sure you skip them too!


If DeCSS is a tool for breaking and entering so is every DVD player. They have to get in to get the content too right? If they make guns illegal and the murderer can’t get his hands on one, he’ll get his hands on something else, a gun, a hammer, a car. Whatever it takes to kill that SOB right. Well if we can’t get our hands on DeCSS, we’ll get our hands on something else. As far as I’m concerned they can arrest everybody. Why pay bills, in prision you get cable TV, free room and board, free health care. That’s more then I get now and I’m on the outside. They treat the criminals better anyway But then who would pay the taxes?


Actually, a car can be used to escape after robbing a bank. So are cars the next to be forbidden? :frowning:
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No they won’t be. Because this isn’t about right or wrong and DeCSS isn’t considered illegal because it can be used in a crime. It’s about money. It doesn’t matter if something is harmful for the people, as long as it produces that almighty dollar. Like cigarettes. Even though cars kill millions of people every year and polute the planent, they won’t be made illegal because they make money. DeCSS does not make money. And no matter how good something is for the people it is looked down upon if it does not make money. So until DeCSS starts to make money for big corporations that can lobby for it, it will be portrayed as something bad. Never for a half second forget that this world isn’t about your health, or your happiness, or your freedom. It will always be about money. You can answer almost any question someone asks you if all you do is ask yourself, ok where’s the money going? Then you’ll see the world much more clearly.


Just my words chsbiking. It’s all about business. :r


You can answer almost any question someone asks you if all you do is ask yourself, ok where’s the money going? Then you’ll see the world much more clearly. ============= well said chsbiking


DeCSS is not like guns at all, that is a bad example. Sure guns kill people, but they also have the potential to protect. Talking over with a friend about the gun situation in Australia, they now have increased crime after having their gun rights taken away. People are not as scared to rob, steal, kill, others, due to the fact: “Guns are illegal!” They cannot outlaw other weapons such as knives, a common kitchen tool. DeCSS is just another tool to bypass what our loving corporations protect - another word for protect is DENY, but protect sounds better (fools fall for this all the time). It is a better analogy to compare the DVD technology to VHS ‘protection’ instead. The simple fact is: If you do not buy it, then corporations do not make money. This is both bad and good, depending on which $ide a person is willing to look at more.


I agree that guns are used in various crimes, but criminals would probably be able to get them whether they are legal or not, whereas normal people who want to protect themselves won’t be able to use guns to do so if they’re illegal. But, back to the topic, I think that this is foolishness. Copying DVDs should be perfectly legal, but piracy should be illegal.


“in Australia, they now have increased crime after having their gun rights taken away” … but the murder rate has gone way down. The same is true in England (where I live), crime is higher than in the USA in every aspect, apart from rape and murder, which are around half a dozen times more frequent. Every crime apart from MURDER and RAPE? What kind of a count is that? The reason for this is because a sizable proportion of the normal robberies etc are becoming murders! Think I’ll stick with being robbed thanks. :slight_smile:


Didn’t I say this wasn’t about guns. It’s about money. They don’t care which one is wrong or right, They care if it makes money or not. That’s the logic you must use. Because that’s the logic they use. They know guns are more dangerous, but guns make more money. Take money away and crime would probably go down more then if you took guns away.