DeCSS author, DVD Jon gets new date in court

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DeCSS the first application that was able to  circumvent the copy protection used on DVDs, allowing to make  backups, intentionally made to play DVDs with Linux, was written in only a ...
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How can anyone prove the software was designed for illegal activities, it’s like trying prove that God exists! You can’t, the software may exist, and the internet is about the only place where one can (almost) speak freely about anything…At the end of the day just because someone tells you something doesn’t mean you’ll do it, follow it, or use it. There are sites out there that tell you how to make explosives, but we don’t have to go out and make bombs in our backyards. However if people choose to use that info for malicious purposes that’s upto them, nowt to do with DVD Jon…he doesn’t have any powers over the internet community, in the same way that governments and commercial organisations don’t, though they might think they have. It’s about time Norway threw the MPAA out of it’s country and stopped acting like puppets to the USA. As for DVD Jon, he should launch a malicious prosecution case against the MPAA, I’d ask for $1 Billion dollars compensation if I were him.

Why didn’t they leave the kid alone :frowning:

Because they want to ‘Make an example of him’ to try to scare other people off. Basically they want to give him a punishment that’s around 1000 times worse than you get for: - Murder - Rape - Geneside - Child Abuse The legal system is totally f*cked up and the punishment they plan to give to him will proove it. The legal system has no idea of what is right or wrong and to what extent. All they hear now is the ching, ching of $$$.

I just read an interview with this guy and he said it was actually a german hacker who really cracked the code, but the media, stupid as they are, wanted him to be the guilty one, because it generates more profits if you tell the audience that a teenager cracked the code. this corresponds to the usual cliches people have about crackers and hackers - you know, like in that stupid Hackers movie with Angelina Jolie. Anyway, the guy was pretty stupid to reveal his identity. He cracked the code with 2 other guys, and when they discussed the issue of anonymity, the others told him, “yeah, go for it, reveal your identity”, but they themselves remained in the dark. and the result is that now this guy is phucked and his parents are phucked, because the domain on which he spread his programme belongs to his father, while the other two guys sit at home, one in germany, the other hell know where and laugh their asses off. This whole protection system on dvds gets on my nerves, sure, but that’s how it is, and one shouldn’t boast that one has cracked it. After all, when I bought my realmagic decoder or when I rent dvds, I don’t tell the people, “I buy/rent this to make an illegal copy”. Just do your stuff, but stay under the surface. They should have released the programme under their IRC nicknames, which they used in the public, not under the real name. Don’t phuck with daddy, eh, I mean with the governments, or if you do try to phuck them, just make sure that they can’t take a look at your identity card/passport.