Decryption problems

i have purchased the latest versions of bluraycopy & blurayripper, 8 blu rays in so far and both programs have failed to open/copy DARK CITY canadian bluray and RED DAWN uk bluray, so much for the blurb of updates for the latest disc decryption technology, how long has the dark city disc been out for! yes i have the internet connected before starting up the programs. not amused, at least i didn’t waste a blank on red dawn though lol. maybe we should start a list of discs that can’t be opened with this fantastic software!!!:frowning:

In defense of Aiseesoft, they had upgraded many times since I bought it years ago. I’ve been able to rip most of my blu-rays…even those that had failed in earlier versions, such as Avatar.

Today…however, I came here for the first time…because I’ve been trying to rip my Star Wars: The Complete Saga collection. The Phantom Menace crashed the app several times.

i think it’s gonna be easier to make a list of discs that it will work with!, hansel & gretel opens up fine, copys for a few seconds then says job is complete, total rubbish, it has done this with a few discs now, it seems to do the hard part then does not work. not impressed.