Decrypting the movie, "Antibody"

Okay, I know this thread will probably be moved but hopefully most will see it before it is. Ive tried on two separate discs to decrypt the movie "Antibody" without success. Ive used DVD Decrypter, Smartripper, DVDShrink and Clone DVD. All fail on the first vob at about 70% into it. Neither disc has any scratches. The movie skips in several places when playing the first vob. I`m wondering if anyone has successfully decrypted this movie?

Sorry for posting this here but I could find no better forum. I wanted those who were most likely to have tried to decrypt this movie to be aware of it. I am wondering if this is an error in the manufacturing of the DVD or something intentional. I would also like to hear from others who might have run across the same thing with other DVDs where they tried two or more copies without success.

Rene, you can move this thread if you feel you must but keep in mind that since DVD2one has no decrypting feature it is directly dependent on decrypting programs. Therefore, any movie that does not lend itself to decrypting directly affects DVD2one. For this reason I believe such movies as “Antibody” should be discussed on this forum.

I had a problem similar to that,but the disc was badly scratched,and ,like you,I tried every ripper known to man. Have you looked at it under bright light to ensure no scratches are prevalent? I know you said there were none,but just to be sure.I have a large DVD collection,and besides
a scratched disc,those rippers work on everything . Good luck,and let us know the outcome…:cool:


Yes, I really looked closely at them. They are new and shouldnt have acted the way they did. I even tried cleaning them in case there was some hidden residue. Im thinking of picking up a third one just to see if it acts the same way. I tried them on two DVD players as well as my burner and on two separate computers. My concern is not for this particular movie (which really wasn`t that good) but for subsequent movies.

I’ve had similar problems with scratched disks in the past. I found a strange but possible solution on another forum.

Apply a thin layer of toothpaste to the media and leave for about ten minutes. Once the time is up wash the toothpaste off with hot water - I don’t use any soap incase it leaves a residue.

Dry completely with a lint free cloth and then try the disk. Out of the 6 disks I’ve done this with they have all decrypted without fail.

I’ve had similar experiences with 007-Goldfinger on three different DVDROM drives. It plays fine on standalone players, but struggles on DVDROM and hence does not want to decrpyt at all.

I’ll try the toothpaste method on my original, now that I have a backup thanks to DVD2One and a mate’s drive which worked!!!