Decrypting Files

Hello! I really need someone’s help on this one. I have downloaded quite a few videos/movies (most are avi. files) and 98% of them are not able to be viewed or burned for that matter because they are “encrypted”. What is the fastest/easiest way to de-crypt these files, or is there even a software to do this? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated…

To view them try to download and install VLC software(free).
They are mpeg4 not mpeg2(DVD).

If VLC player doesn’t work then it’s possible that the only way to play the files files would be to purchase them from the producer’s website. A lot of times files are encrypted so that you can’t share them.

I doubt they are “encrypted”. If anything, they contain DRM. In that case, you can remove the DRM using FairUse4wm IF you have a valid key.